6 + 6 defining shoe trends of the 2000s – part 1

6 + 6 defining shoe trends of the 2000s – part 1

6 + 6 defining shoe trends of the 2000s – part 1

Let’s face it – the past two years were not our best ones. Everyone copes with it in their own way, and while looking forward and going on might be the healthiest option, it’s also essential to remember the past. Of course, we’re not talking about struggles and hardships, which we’ve had plenty of lately. We’re talking about shoes! And not any shoes – the biggest trends of the 2000s!

The 2000s were a different time indeed – there was no Instagram and Pinterest to look for inspiration. We had two options – either we stayed up extra late to catch the fashion shows on TV, or we begged our moms to buy us the hottest fashion magazines. There were a number of “it girls”, mostly actresses and singers, and whatever they wore, we wore (the cheap knockoff versions of their designer stuff, of course).

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, and take a closer look at the decade’s footwear!

1. Platform pumps

2007 was the year when fashion giants like Gucci, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada introduced us to platform pumps – and we’re still wearing them today! Platforms are affixed to the soles of leather heels, making insanely high heels wearable. Some platforms were visible, giving the shoes a whole new look, while some were hidden, gracing many of us with some much-needed, hidden height. Who made it popular? The iconic Spice Girls! Baby Spice even injured her ankle while wearing her pair of platforms.

2. Pointy pumps

Pointy, but not in a tame, moderate way – if you had a good aim, you could kick some serious butt in these pumps. They were the shoes you wanted so badly, but had no idea how to wear them. There are few people who were able to pull of the iconic country-chic look – pointy pumps, low-rise jeans and a going out top. Who made it popular? The former “it girl” of American cinema, Juliette Lewis.

3. Riding boots

While we’re at fashionable cowboys, the brown leather knee-high boots were a true staple of the decade. Their only disadvantage was that their shaft was too wide to hide it under the then popular flared and bootcut jeans, but too tight to comfortably tuck the jeans in them. The fact that this might be one of the reasons for the rise of the skinny jeans and leggings, just makes us love riding boots more. Who made it popular? Everyone’s crush in the 2000s, the OC star, Rachel Bilson.

4. T-strap shoes

They are one of few shoes, that didn’t make a comeback yet. They were a consistent hit on the red carpet in the mid 2000s. Every teenage star has made at least one appearance in T-strap shoes, so it’s no surprise that many of us has a pair of these shoes, just chilling in the back of our closets, waiting for the big return. Who made it popular? Everyone! It was a must have for a hot minute. Mischa Barton wore a pair of T-straps for a season finale party for “The OC” in 2002. Paired with an orange and white, knee-length dress, it was a true 2000s look.


They need no introduction. Either we love them or hate them, we can’t deny that the 2000s was the decade of Uggs. It even got the highest form of approval – the one and only Oprah introduced them in her show as one of her favorite things. They are soft, warm, and feels like an upgraded house slipper, that you can wear outside. Who made it popular? Resident scandal girl and socialite of the 2000s, Paris Hilton!

6. Strappy sandals

To be honest, strappy sandals were a part women’s fashion in every decade. But the 2000s were the year when they really blew up. Their popularity is no accident – they are extremely flattering and versatile. The beginning of the 2000s marked the era of kitten heels and slim straps. Over the time, they became progressively chunkier – the heels grew taller, the platforms and the straps became thicker. Who made it popular? Strappy sandals were worn by literally everyone, and it was often part of Beyoncé’s outfits – what else do we need?

The list isn’t even close to being complete. In our following article, we’ll take a closer look at six more shoe trends, that made the fashion world of the 2000s truly remarkable.