6 + 6 defining shoe trends of the 2000s – part 2

6 + 6 defining shoe trends of the 2000s – part 2

6 + 6 defining shoe trends of the 2000s – part 2

It was truly a wild time – an era of lip gloss, highlights, and flared jeans. We were ready to say goodbye to the 2000s fashion forever, until Gen Z decided to take a deep dive into the old fashion magazines, and pull out the long forgotten trends, like crop tops and mom jeans.

Fashion designers were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Together with Gen Z, they are slowly bringing back our old favorites. But how exactly are the shoe trends of yesteryear influencing today’s fashion? We’ve already thought back on a few statement shoes of the 2000s in our previous article. Let’s see, what else is (was) in store! 

7. Converse sneakers

You had this if you were a true rebel. Your favorite artist was Avril Lavigne, you had a Fall Out Boy poster on your bedroom wall, and wearing ties with a cami seemed like a great fashion choice. Of course, not many of us were able to afford real Converse, so we stuck with the cheaper knockoff models, which were just as great as the real deal for us. It’s more mainstream today, and there are many options available, so we can still keep in touch with our inner punk. Who made it popular? Everyone who thought that the whole world is unfair.

8. Flip flops

We figured out in the early 2000s, that flip flops are not just for the beach. They gave statement to a casual look, and celebrities and everyday people both adored them. Flip flops came back in style last year, with some minor changes. There are more elegant versions available now, like leather models. Who made it popular? Everybody had a pair, and countless paparazzi shots emerged of celebs wearing flip flops.

9. Square toe sandals

The 2000s was an era of chunky shoes and platforms, but if we were opting for a classier, more grown-up look, square toe heels were always there for us. These sandals often had a small kitten heel, which made them even more feminine. Their open toes allowed us to show off our painted toenails (which was also popular in the 2000s), and they looked great with both day and evening looks. It was an extremely popular shoe trend in the early years of the decade – and it looks like it might be the same in the 2020s too! Who made it popular? It was a go to for many celebrities – “it girl”, Sarah Michelle Gellar wore square toe sandals often.

10. The combo of gladiator sandals and cutout booties

The most unusual trend of the 2000s. It evolved from the ever so popular strappy sandals, but by the end of the decade, it was a style on its own. The straps on the sandals became so thick, that it resembled more of an ankle boot with a cutout, than a sandal. At the same time, the straps reminded us of gladiator sandals. Who made it popular? This hybrid shoe was great for bolder, edgier looks. 2000s fashion icon, Lauren Conrad wore these sandals to multiple red carpet events.

11. Ballet flats

Ballet flats are still extremely popular, but they’ve changed a lot since the 2000s. Back then, flexible flats with an extra thin sole were a big deal. The past few years marked the appearance of more structured, classier models, but the original ballet flats never really went out of style either. Who made them popular? They were mostly worn by young, tall celebrities, who didn’t need the extra height. One of them was Blake Lively, who’s known for her impeccable taste (after all, she’s married to Ryan Reynolds).

12. Clear high heels

There is no nice way to say it - clear high heels were mistakenly considered as “stripper shoes” for a long time. They are however, perfectly wearable even on occasions then Joe Cocker’s music isn’t playing in the background. If they have lower heels and platforms, and only have PVC accents in some places, clear shoes are great for parties, or even everyday events. Who made them popular? It’s Britney Spears! She was known to sport some unusual pairs of clear heels.

We can say what we want about 2000s fashion, but if it wasn’t great, it wouldn’t be making a comeback right as we speak. Fortunately, Hop!Hop!Shop has prepared some great models, which were inspired by the 2000s. From platform pumps to clear shoes, our webshop has everything you need to bring a bit of nostalgia in your life.