Five tips for shopping for boots online

Five tips for shopping for boots online

Even though online shopping has become an everyday task in our daily lives, we’re still in a bit of a dilemma when it comes to ordering shoes – which size, and which model should we pick?

After reading our 5 useful tips, there will be no more dilemma! By following these tips, picking the perfect pair of shoes will be just a walk in the park!

1. Choosing the color

Most women tend to go for the classics – black and brown colored boots. These colors go well with everything, but luckily, this season has a lot of other, interesting colors in store for us. You don’t necessarily have to go for the neon models (even though we wholeheartedly recommend it for the braver ones). There are many other options to choose from – metallic, glittery models, patterned or navy blue boots are all a great alternative to the black ones. If you would still like to stick to the classics, you can get yourself a pair of velour boots, or a pair with some interesting texture.

2. Choosing the style

The great thing about boots is, that they come in many different models, so it’s easy to find the perfect pair for every occasion. If you need them for a more formal event, there are some great high heel models for you to choose from. Boots with a smaller, thicker heel are great for work, or running errands. If you like a more casual look, models with flat, thicker soles are definitely for you. Ankle boots are a great choice not just for the fall, but all year round! Above knee boots look absolutely stunning with some vintage dresses or jeans, while knee-high boots are a great addition to every outfit! 

3. Choosing the size

When picking the size of the shoe, read the guide to choosing the correct size carefully, and find out, which size is the perfect for you, with the help of our size chart, which can be found on our webpage, right under every model. If you are purchasing a pair of knee-high boots, or above the knee boots, make sure that they are comfortable around the calves too – some models need to be tight, while some need to be a little looser, to look perfect.

4. Always read the product description

It’s often difficult to determine the material of the boots just by looking at its picture. Therefore, we recommend you to always read the product description carefully, so you could know everything about the chosen model, before making a decision.

5. Pay attention to the quality

When shopping online, we often arrange the products from cheapest to most expensive, and the low prices attract us almost immediately. When it comes to buying shoes, however, quality must be our main priority. They will accompany us on our every adventure, so they have to be comfortable, and durable. If you want your shoes to be with you for at least a couple of seasons, you have to pick high-quality materials, like leather, rubber, or velour.