How to Look Sexy in Heels: The Top 5 Shoe Styles

How to Look Sexy in Heels: The Top 5 Shoe Styles

How to Look Sexy in Heels: The Top 5 Shoe Styles


Don't you hate it when you are getting dressed for a night out and your look isn't quite right? Sure, the skirt is cute, the top looks great, your hair is fine, but something is missing. 

Creating a sultry look isn't easy. It takes effort to look effortlessly appealing. One thing often missing that can polish any look is the right shoes.

Choosing the perfect shoes to complete your outfit isn't always easy. When in doubt, add a pair of heels. Nothing elevates your game more than heels that make you feel like a million. 

If you are ready to look sexy in heels, read on for help selecting the best pair and looking effortlessly sensual when wearing them. 

How To Look Sexy in Heels

When checking out the trendy shoes available, you want something that makes your legs look good and that you feel confident in. Women's heels are generally sexier than flats, due to the way they make the calves look and the unique posture they create. 

Even the sexiest shoes can be turned up a notch. When looking at a women's shoes online shop, keep a few tips in mind to ensure you are happy with your order. 

  • Go low on the toe. Showing a little toe cleavage ups the sex appeal. 
  • Don't choose too high of a heel. The key to looking sexy in heels is a confident stride. Get comfortable with a lower, chunkier heel before adding height and losing width. 

What Types of Shoes are Sexiest?

The sexiest look is a personal decision, but there are a few styles that are universally recognized as flattering on most people. 

1. Stilettos

You can't mention sexy shoes without mentioning stilettos. These would be at the top of nearly anyone's list. Graceful and elegant, stilettos elongate the leg and give you a distinctive posture that helps show you off to the best advantage.

2. Thin-Strapped Slide

Slides, or mules as they are sometimes called, can be sexy or more toned down. For the sexier version, look for a style with an open toe and a thin strap across the top of the foot. Kick the heat up a notch with animal print. 

3. Block-Heeled Pumps

You may not consider block-heeled pumps traditionally sexy, but the right choice can turn up your look. Particularly for those who are on the shorter side, block-heeled pumps provide the benefits of a higher heel while still providing stability.  

4. Espadrilles

A warm-weather choice of sexy shoe, espadrilles come in many styles. Whether you are looking for something more casual, or something for a night out on the town, pick up a pair of platform wedge espadrilles to complete your look.  

5. Traditional Pumps

It is easy to overlook traditional pumps when discussing sexy shoes, but there is a reason they remain in style. Women's footwear trends change, but the pump is a classic. Adding a few pairs in neutral colors allows you to grab something from your closet that you are confident will work.  

Find the Perfect Shoes Online

If you are ready to look sexy in heels, jump online and visit us. Regardless of your style, size, or comfort level, you'll find the perfect shoes to create the look you want.