Summer is coming — 5 must-have shoes for the hottest months

Summer is coming — 5 must-have shoes for the hottest months

Summer is coming — 5 must-have shoes for the hottest months

So far, spring has been full of surprises — snowy morning followed by sunny, 20-degree afternoons. The good news is, that summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about summer footwear.

The choice is especially hard this season — the designers made sure that it’s almost impossible to choose from all the beautiful models available. The catwalk is full of cowboy boots, clogs and strappy sandals, and the shelves will be full of them too. Natural materials, like leather and jute, will also be a big hit this year. Let’s take a look at the biggest shoe trends this year!

1. Leather ballet flats

Leather ballet flats have been popular for quite a while now, but this year brings us a variety of new leather flats, which are guaranteed to make our every step comfortable. Beside the round toe ballet flats, pointy toe flats are also in style this year, which radiate luxury and elegance. Leather shoes have a great airflow, so our feet can breathe even during the hottest summer months — especially if we choose a model with holes!

2. Comfortable sandals

Colorful summer sandals are a great addition to every outfit. They are a great match with summer dresses, shorts and jeans. Sandals are comfy and can be worn to many occasions — parties, weddings, to the beach, or to date nights. Sandals made of natural materials will be a big hit this season — leather shoes hug our feet perfectly, so they won’t be too tight or too loose. Thong sandals are still the most popular ones, but Roman style gladiator sandals are also back in style.

3. Slippers made of natural materials

Summer equals slippers! A quick visit to the nearby store, a walk on the beach, a day at the pool, you name it — slippers are a great choice for every activity. They are light, comfortable, breathable and easy to put on, so it’s understandable, why are they a no brainer during the hot summer months. When it comes to designers, their focus is comfort. Most slippers are made of natural materials, like leather, which allows the feet to breathe. Anatomic slippers equipped with two belts, and one toe leather slippers are extremely popular this season, as they make us feel like we’re walking on air.

4. Leather summer boots

Western cowboy style is going to be the style to keep an eye on this summer. Leather accessories and frills are simply a must have, and if we combine these boots with flowy summer dresses or distressed jeans, we’re definitely going to make a statement. They’re made of leather, which means that our feet will be able to breathe, even if it’s a closed footwear.

5. High-heels, with a focus on comfort

No must-have list is complete without high-heels. Let’s admit it — we love them, no matter how many times we’ve sworn to never ever wear them again. These seasons trend will be the shorter, thicker heels, which give us stability, while leather heels will make sure that our every step is comfortable!