Upgrade your outfits with the most beautiful women’s shoes for fall

Upgrade your outfits with the most beautiful women’s shoes for fall

Now is the right time to freshen up your shoe closet, and to purchase some gorgeous pairs of shoes from Hop!Hop!Shop. Our new collection makes the transition from lightweight sandals to closed shoes and booties easy-peasy!

Clogs are back in style! Whether you like them or not, one thing is for certain: they are easy to combine with every outfit, and they are extra comfortable. Retro sneakers are also here, and together with some oversized clothes, or a simple pair of jeans, they are sure to make our outfits funky and groovy. Loafers, Chelsea boots and knee-high boots are a great choice this season too, and they look amazing with skirts and dresses. Pro fashion tip: make sure to get yourself a pair of warm, stylish tights, because this year is all about them!

Usually, there are much fewer happenings in the fall, than in the summer. However, fall is great for long walks, sitting in a coffee shop sipping on some tea or munching on some apple pie. These new adventures require some new shoes, and we’re here to help you choose the best option.


Clogs resurfaced on the catwalks a few years ago, and the spotlight is still shining on them hard. For the bravest fashionistas, we have some wooden clogs, but if you want to keep it simple, you can definitely get a tamer, less controversial model, which will look great with your favorite summer outfits. Whether they are flats, or they give you some height, they will look great with some tights, skinny jeans, and knitted sweaters.

Retro sneakers

Sneakers are a must-have, and vintage and retro sneakers dominate this season. They are much lighter than last year's chunky sneakers, and they’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. They look amazing with dresses, but also with more masculine pants – limits are truly endless, it all depends on your creativity! The height of vintage sneakers is usually around the ankles (mostly, they end just above your ankle), so they give your outfits a sporty vibe. Shove off your ankles and your (fading) summer tan in the last sunny days of the year wearing some vintage sneakers.

Modern Chelsea boots

The most popular autumn shoe trends are, without doubt, Chelsea boots. This year, however, they will have a true fashion glow up. New materials, beautiful, unusual colors, and some groundbreaking length variations will give these well-known favorites a brand-new look! Chelsea boots look great with literally everything – jeans, pants, skirts or dresses. Beige and creamy colors are ideal for the upcoming season, and if your aesthetic is mainly black, it’s time to shake things up with some colorful, patterned rubber boots!

Loafers with thick soles

Loafers have always been popular. The only difference this year is, that thick soles, and real statement pieces will be in the spotlight – they’ll be your best fashion friends this season. Not only they are trendy, but also they are also extremely comfortable, so they are a great choice for work.