What are our options, if we don’t want to wear boots this fall?

What are our options, if we don’t want to wear boots this fall?

Ah, those boots! We know them, love them, and can’t wait for the colder days to start wearing them – however, there are days when we want to spice things up a notch. Luckily, this fall’s fashion is extremely versatile, so you can switch up to boots with some fashionable and comfortable alternatives.

  1. Loafers

Classic loafers are a must have this season. They are similar to ballet flats, but their thick sole makes them a bit more of a statement shoe. Loafers give a touch of class to every outfit. Combine them with your favorite pair of jeans, and a warm sweater for a simple, casual outfit, which will be comfortable, and work appropriate.

  1. Closed, high heeled slippers 

Closed, high-heeled slippers are an ideal substitution for booties. They have enough material to keep your toes from freezing off, but also let you enjoy the last rays of sunshine before the cold winter arrives. They are modern and fashionable, and they look great with a pair of distressed jeans. The ground rule is, that every outfit that looks good with some boots, also looks good with slippers.

  1. Sling back ballet flats

Sling back ballet flats have an open heel and an elegant belt. They are definitely not for rainy days, but they are ideal for the sunny autumn! They are much more elegant and simple than boots are, and above all that, they are comfortable! You can wear them to formal events, but you can also combine them with a more casual combination.

  1. Mary Jeans

Mary Jeans remind us of the shoes schoolgirls were wearing back in the day, but they are much more feminine.  It’s easy to see, why September and the beginning of the school year brought these shoes back in style. They have a shorter, thicker heel, so they are great for work or just strolling around in the city. They look great with skinny jeans and a trench coat, or a thicker jacket.

  1. White sneakers

Are you sure, you’re ready to say goodbye to your white sneakers already? Well, good news – you don’t have to! Your favorite white sneakers for the summer are going to be in style in the upcoming seasons too! They give our fall outfits a touch of youth and freshness. Leather models stand their ground even in the rainy days, just make sure to keep them clean at all times!

  1. Mules

Mules, or closed women’s slippers are great for hotter fall days, or even to some indoor events in the winter, which is great, because they are in style this season! They are comfortable, elegant, and they look great with fancier outfits, so we can also wear them to an important day at work.

Whichever of the six aforementioned shoes you pick, you are guaranteed to own a pair of footwear that is extremely comfortable and stylish. These shoes make the transition between summer and winter a lot easier, and they definitely deserve a place in your shoe closet!