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AUTUMN-WINTER Collection - Women snowboots

Women’s snowboots – be in style when the first snowflakes fall! Be ready for the winter adventures, regardless of the weather forecast! Women snowboots are warm, comfortable and stylish. They are easily combined with winter coveralls, but also with a more elegant pair of leggings, or jeans. Luckily, comfort and style dont’t exclude each other anymore, which means that we can be trendy, even when there’s knee-high snow blanket outside. Snowboots have a lot in their favor — they’re fashionable, slip resistant, waterproof, and they are lined with warm fur. Brace yourselves — winter is coming! Hop Hop Shop has a big and interesting snowboot collection. If you want elegance, we have some fur lined, velour boots for you, which are a perfect match with jeans, leggings and knitted Christmas sweaters. Take them out for a walk in the holiday fair, or do your Christmas shopping it them! When the snow blanket reaches an impressionable height, high, or semi-high nylon snowboots will be your feet’ best friends. Whether they’re lace-ups or velcro, one thing is for sure — these boots will make the winter wonderland even more wonderful!


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