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Women’s bags and backpacks – practical accessories Whether we’re getting our groceries, going to work, or going away for the weekend, to us, women, it’s simply unimaginable to leave our homes without our favorite handbag or backpack. Nowadays, bag manufacturers are mainly focused on practicality. Most bags are equipped with many pockets and sections, they’re big, but also easy to carry. If you’ve seen one or two fashion shows, you’ve probably noticed, that chain details and fringes are very much back in style, and geometrical patterns, unusual textures, as well as big, colorful motives are still wildly popular. With backpacks, along with the sporty ones, feminine, elegant backpacks are finally getting the recognition they deserve. They are a great combination of style and practicality. Hop Hop Shop doesn’t only offer shoes, we also have a bag and backpack collection! Choose a colorful, knitted bag for the beach, and for long summer walks, minimalist purses for night outs, or sturdy backpacks for travels and adventures. Handbags and over-the-shoulder bags are ideal for work and shopping trips. Bring some color into your looks, and add a special touch to your outfits with our stylish and practical bags!